Who We Are


Danielle Snowdy, MSW, Executive Director, Cancer Survivor  

"When you get diagnosed with cancer, all you hope for is that your cancer is curable.  I was fortunate in 1994, but I haven’t been able to shake the fact that not all my friends and family have been as ​fortunate. In 2018, after losing two dear friends to cancer, I made a commitment to continue their fight for a cure. With the help of some amazing kids, I know we can grow Operation Action Through Art into a powerful force that not only empowers children to make a difference but helps us get closer and closer to a cure for all. My dream is that one day everyone diagnosed with cancer will be a survivor."

Dr. Stephen Snowdy, PhD, MBA, Board Member, Cancer Survivor 

"At some point in our lives, nearly everyone will be affected by cancer, through either our own illness, or the illness of a loved one.  Cancer is a taker; it is a taker of friends, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, children and other family members.  But for those who survive cancer, or are touched by it, it is also a giver.  It is a giver of the appreciation of every single day of life, and of the urgent desire to help others.  Operation Action Through Art was born of such appreciation and desire.  It is our goal to use art and passion to raise funding to battle the Emperor of All Maladies"  

Dr. Ilana Graetz, PhD, Board Member, Cancer Researcher

"Cancer is a devastating disease and the second leading cause of death in this country. In my research, I work to develop new ways for patients to communicate and manage their symptoms, which can often persist many years after treatment is complete. I am proud to work with Operation Action Through Art, led by super woman, inspiring survivor, Danielle Snowdy. Empowering children to use their creative output to raise awareness and funds for a cure is something I can stand behind."

Founders, Main Contributing Artists, Directors In Training

Milana and Lylah Stevanna


"Every painting gets us closer to a cure." --Milana, 12

 "I hope to save someone's life with my art one day."--Lylah Stevanna, 10